Best Pickleball Shoes For Men And Women

Some pickleball players haven’t thought much about what type of shoe or footwear they’ll be wearing for pickleball.  While there aren’t many shoes made particularly for pickleball, pickleball players can wear shoes that are built for tennis, badminton, or even volleyball.

     Without the right shoes, there is a much higher risk of injury, which can keep you from playing pickleball for weeks.  Knowing the right shoe to match your game plan is key to a successful pickleball game.

     Pickleball is a great sport, and the amazing thing about pickleball is that it’s easy to learn.  It doesn’t take much to get started with pickleball.  All you need is a paddle, a couple of pickleball balls, nets and poles, and a great pair of tennis shoes packed in one of these stylish shoulder bags for pickleball.

     Why Are Pickleball Shoes Needed?

     One of the worst mistakes pickleball beginners can make is walking onto the court with regular running shoes or sneakers.  Regular shoes are not designed for the type of exercise and footwork that the pickleball requires.  The right pair of shoes can reduce your risk of injury and improve your gaming skills.  Therefore, it is important to invest in a good couple right from the start.

     A decent set of shoes is more significant than a nice paddle.  Even before your paddle hits a ball, your shoes are affecting your mobility and support.  You want to make sure they have been mugged so you don’t compete with the lightbulbs, only your competitor.  While a paddle makes the ball fly, the shoes ensure that the player can play optimally.

     Top 3 Pickleball Shoes For Men

     The first thing to do when considering the best pickleball shoes for men, you want shoes that will last a while and offer support, stability, and comfort.

     Here we focus on shoe performance, comfort, durability, and abrasion testing.

  1.      ASICS Men Gel-Rocket 9

     The ASICS Gel Rocket 9 for men is a volleyball shoe but works well on an indoor pickleball court, so it is a great option if you are playing indoors.  It has a durable gel sole designed for indoor use but can also be used outdoors.

     It’s made from a lightweight upper with synthetic overlays that provide support and comfort.  The shoe also has a foam-lined collar and tongue.  Comfort is an obvious asset to these shoes.

  •      ASICS Gel-Game 6 For Men

     The Asics Gel-Game 6 for men is known for its workmanship and cost.

     These synthetic shoes have a sturdy rubber sole that offers excellent durability and grip.  The ASIC GEL softening system enhances shock absorption and offers better mobility.

  •      New Balance 786v2 For Men

     New Balance is another brand that makes premium tennis shoes that pickleball professional men can use.  The leather shoes NB 786v2 have a robust rubber sole and a midsole with a C-cap.  Absorption technology offers resistance and comfort.

     Top 3 Pickleball Shoes For Women

  1.      ASICS Gel-Resolution 8 women’s tennis shoes

     Our first choice for women’s pickleball shoes is the ASICS Gel-Resolution 8 tennis shoe.  One of the best things about this indoor pickleball shoe, besides the affordable price, is the exclusive GEL cushioning from Asics on the forefoot.  This cushioning technology reduces the impact on your feet and provides more comfort for longer periods.

  •      K-Swiss Hypercourt Express for women

     At 11.5 grams, the K-Swiss HypercourtExpress for women is the most robust pair of shoes on the market.  Thanks to the soft interior, K-Swiss Hypercourt offers plenty of padding and comfort.  The synthetic material and textile collar lining ensure excellent durability and stability.

  •      ASICS 5 Dedicate Gel for women

     Asics likewise!  The proprietary technology used in Asics shoes is responsible for it being featured again on this list.  The brand is loved by tennis players, pickleball players, volleyball players, and various other indoor athletes.  The cushioning system helps the pickleball player maintain speed, precision, and mobility on the field.


     Whether you are a rookie player or a seasoned veteran, remember that good footwear is extremely important in the game of pickleball.  Good footwear not only prevents unnecessary injuries but also improves the quality of your gaming performance.

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