The Ultimate Guide To Pickleball Equipment

Pickleball is a paddle tennis sport for all ages and athletic skills that draws elements from tennis, badminton, and table tennis.  This guide covers pickleball, team requirements, and playing strategy.

     Proper pickleball equipment is essential for learning and enjoying the game right away. The rules of the game are easy enough for beginners to understand.

     Pickleball Equipment – What You Need to Play The Game

     Pickleball Net – If you want to set up your playing field, you need a net.  There are several network systems to choose from.  Most come with a handy carrying case.  Invest in a portable net system that you can put anywhere, or just buy a simple net if you have a permanent short with sturdy posts.

     Pickleball Paddle – Having a good pickleball paddle for your game is very important. There are hundreds of paddles on the market today, all in different colors and styles.  Players are to pay attention to the substance and strength of the paddle before acquiring one.

     Pickleball Balls – Pickleball balls are unlike any other you’ve ever seen.  The hollow plastic balls have multiple holes and are designed for indoor or outdoor use.  The inner balls usually have larger holes and are not as durable, while the outer balls are harder plastic and have much smaller holes.  Pickleball balls normally come in bundles of 6 or 12 and can differ in style by course.

     Pickleball Covers and Bags

     Pickleball bags and covers are used to store and protect your pickleball equipment when not in use.  Paddle covers are especially important for those who use aluminum sheet paddles.  The lids keep it dust and moisture-free.  The individual covers not only protect the pickleball paddles, but also the ball and the net.  A travel bag is also useful for transporting your pickleball equipment.  This makes it easy to transport your pickleball gear to where you need it, be it an indoor or outdoor game.

     Pickleball Attire

     As with any other sport, it is best to play pickleball in the right clothes as it requires a lot of exercise and effort to play.  Loose, breathable clothing is strongly recommended.  Thick or thick fabrics can restrict your movement and cause physical strain.  When choosing your clothing, make sure you move as comfortably as possible on the court.

     Shoes are also essential for playing pickleball.  For pickleball, you need shoes that have a good grip and a good fit.  It is also crucial to wear safety shoes.  Look for athletic shoes that fit your feet and ankles perfectly as they allow you to move freely and quickly without hurting yourself.

     Standard Pickleball Court

     As with a standard double badminton court, a pickleball court measures 6 feet by 44 feet.  The net is right in the middle, 36 “high from both posts and 34” in the center.  The minimum size of the playing field must be 9 meters wide and 18 meters long.  The outdoor courts are divided by service lines.  The volleyball-free zone is a 7-foot area on either side of the pickleball net.  Volleying and strikes are not allowed in this area.

     In Conclusion

     Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned pickleball professional, this list features the best pickleball playing options available in the market right now for you.  Our goal for this guide is to help you find the best pickleball equipment to meet your needs and desires in the game.

     We hope this guide helped you bring home some vital information on essential pickleball equipment.

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