Ultimate Guide to Head Pickleball Paddle

     HEAD is known around the world for its award-winning tennis rackets, and now they’ve jumped on pickleball.

     Given the growing popularity of pickleball in recent years, it is only natural that some of the traditional heavyweights in the tennis racket industry have started the game of pickleball.  For this reason, we are not surprised that Head is releasing some of the best pickleball paddles on the market and showing its ambition in space by providing top professionals with the best Head pickleball paddles.

     Why Head Pickleball Paddles?

     Head pickleball paddles are distinguished by their unique names, shapes, and designs.  Many of them have different diamond shapes.  These paddles are completely original and immediately recognizable as Head products.

     Head specializes in high-quality sports equipment.  In addition to pickleball paddles, the company produces tennis, squash, racquetball, swimming, snorkeling, and snowboarding equipment.  However, the company started in the ski industry.

     The Top 5 Head Pickleball Paddles

  1.      The Extreme Lite Pickleball Paddle

     The Head Extreme Lite tops our list of the best Head pickleball paddles.  The diamond paddle surface, graphite face, and polymer core make the Head Extreme Lite one of the best lightweight paddles on the market that still withstands the back of the court.

     If you like lightweight paddles that give you control and ease of drinking on the court then you will love the Head Extreme Lite Pickleball Paddle.  The Extreme Lite paddle weighs only 7.2 ounces and is 16 inches long, with a  7/8 inch wide pallet surface.  These lighter proportions combine to create a highly maneuverable paddle that is comfortable and gives you control.  Also, the carbon-graphite face provides excellent control and feel at the net, creating epic pop when hitting and crushing balls from behind the field.

  •       Head Radical Tour

     If there is a “Need For Speed”, Head Radical Tour is “Most Wanted”.  If you prefer power and speed over control and serenity, Radical Tour is your first choice.  They are designed for advanced pickleball players.  With that in mind, this paddle is simply a steal for its price due to the polymer core and graphite surface.  It is ideal for players involved in a quick exchange who need quick replies.

     Thanks to the extraordinary carbon-graphite surface, you don’t hit your shots, they just flash.  The Head Radical Tour has an amazing response time and once the ball is connected to the sweet spot it is ready to fly. 

  •      Head Extreme Pro Composite

     The Heads Extreme Pro composite paddle is one of the latest technologically advanced products of all heads.  In addition to its lightweight design, it has some spectacular features that give it a vintage look to choose from.

   The Extreme Pro Composite Palette creates a dangerous twist-focused paddle for the opponent with the combination of a textured face and polymer core.  Its above-average length of 16 inches gives you the opportunity or desirability to cross the playing field.

  •     Head Radical Elite

     After looking at three advanced paddles, here’s an entry-level option for gamers who love power.  With the same Dynamic Power form as the Radical Pro and Tour, the Radical Elite is in the toughest set of things weighing in at around 8.1 grams.  It is a paddle for beginners and does not have the Extreme Spin technology.  Still, it’s a great option for beginner gamers with some powerful features.  Without fancy items, beginners can focus on the basics.

  •      Head Radical Pro

     Fifth on our list of the best Head Pickleball blades is the Head Radical Pro Pickleball paddle.  Just as the Extreme Pro is the toughest alternative to the Extreme Tour, the Radical Pro is the toughest excavator in the Radical line.

     The Head Radical Pro Pickleball paddle is a fantastic racket for the heavy hitter.  The Radical Pro has the same dimensions as the Radical Tour (16 inches long, 7 7/8 inch wide paddle).  However, the Radical Pro weighs 8.1-ounce inches.


     Head is not a new company that has been around for years, they are relatively new to the game of pickleball.  If you’ve ever practiced winter sports, such as skiing or snowboarding, you probably have a HEAD device.

     We hope this complete guide, from paddling to pickleball, will help you get started on your adventure.  Remember that the first thing to consider before investing is your level of play.

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